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MIAB likes to help make the world a little more beautiful! This is why we have gone through several developments in recent years and why MIAB will always continue to strive for sustainability. We only have one earth and we want to treat it as well as possible. We would like to tell you below how MIAB tries to contribute.

It starts with the manufacturing and finishing of our jewelry. Our sterling silver 925 jewelry and our gold jewelry are made in part from recycled silver or gold. This means that used silver or gold is melted down and mixed with new silver or gold. This way, no old material is lost and your jewelry has been through more than you might think.

When the materials for the jewelry and/or jewelry are produced they are shipped to our office. We bundle the stocks of our products as efficiently as possible so we do not have to ship each product stock separately, this saves in emissions!

At our workshop the jewelry is made, finished and provided with all the details. These operations are done by our team in the Netherlands. This way we offer jobs to employees in the Netherlands and keep the process close to ourselves. For many of our products and workmanship is therefore: Dutch handmade!

When the jewelry is ready for sale we package it in the glass MIAB bottles. These bottles are made of recycled glass. To make sure your bottle doesn't break on the way, we pack the bottle in a (organic) cotton bag. This way we don't have to use plastic to ship your jewelry!

Do you have more questions about Sustainable with MIAB? Please let us know at, customer service is happy to help and will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

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